FlexGrip Skin 10B - 10.2/10.5

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The FlexGrip Series of products are currently accepting pre-orders for shipment by mid-December. 

The FlexGrip system starts with the skin, which is a case designed to protect the iPad from drops and shocks while ensuring that it doesn’t interfere with getting airflow to the iPad from the cooling case. Made from UV and chemical-resistant Elastomer, this case is as durable as it is integral to the FlexGrip system.

The FlexGrip Skin is designed to stay on the iPad full-time and can be used as a normal protective case on its own, so you can leave the rest of the system in the truck and use your iPad normally at the end of the day. 

Be sure to select the right Skin for your iPad’s screen size. Once you do, there’s no need to worry about the size of any other FlexGrip components. Both the FlexGrip Command Center and the MagPower Grip attach to any size of the Skin with unique clamping mechanisms. 

The FlexGrip Skin is available for all iPads with 9.7”, 10.5”, and 12.9" screens regardless of generation or model line (Air, Pro, and “base” iPad models).


  • The interchangeable case design makes the FlexGrip Skin compatible with any iPad model and generation that shares the same screen size. Be sure to select the appropriate screen size for your device.
  • Elastomer construction is resistant to UV and chemical degradation
  • The netted case backing allows for maximum airflow to cool the iPad without sacrificing durability
  • Mates with both FlexGrip Command Center and MagPower Grip via a clamp system for ease of use and interoperability regardless of screen size
  • Accommodates iPad screen protectors to provide full-circle protection 

Note: The FlexGrip Skin does not provide waterproofing or resistance.

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