FlexGrip Skin 10A - 9.7

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As a pilot, a busy project manager, or a drone operator, you take on a great deal of responsibility — including the responsibility to get your job done in a timely fashion. Fortunately, having an iPad at your fingertips can decrease your stress tremendously. Of course, if this essential device ends up falling and breaking, you’ve lost your handy-dandy co-pilot or assistant. That’s why we at X-naut created the FlexGrip Skin 10A 9.7—a heavy-duty iPad case for the iPad 9.7”.

What to Expect from the FlexGrip Skin

Our iPad 9.7 covers are designed to safeguard your iPad against shocks and drops when you’re on the move during your workday. At the same time, these covers won’t keep your iPad from getting the airflow it needs from our X-naut Cooling Case. Our cases are also made from Elastomer, which is resistant to chemical and UV degradation. This makes our cases durable enough to withstand regular use.

Our customers also love our FlexGrip case because it is made to remain on your iPad around the clock. That means you don’t have to constantly use it and then remove it. Instead, you can use it as your iPad’s regular protective case. In addition, our cases accommodate screen protectors, thus providing our customers with the full-circle iPad protection they’re looking for.

Take Advantage of Our Heavy Duty iPad Case Today!

At X-naut, we are excited to offer top-of-the-line iPad accessories for pilots and other busy individuals, including our heavy-duty iPad case. With this case, you can give your device the comprehension protection it needs in the toughest of conditions. Note that we offer shipping worldwide. We also offer a customer-friendly 30-day return policy for all of our products, along with a convenient one-year manufacturer warranty.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our iPad cases work and order yours right away!