When you’re working on an essential task using your iPad—whether you’re on a construction site or own a drive-thru—you can’t afford to have your iPad shut off due to overheating or lack of battery charge. At X-naut, we get this, and that’s why we designed our patented FlexSeries heavy duty iPad case for keeping your device cool. We also engineered our MagPower system for charging your device, which includes our unique magnetic iPad mount designed to keep your device charged and secured as you work and play.

MagPower Accessory Mounting Plate (AMP) Included 

Our MagPower AMPs allows for instantaneous magnetic charging for your iPad and its Cooling Case on a sturdy magnetic iPad mount, allowing you to grab and go, ensuring your tools are always ready for you. When connected to the MagPower Receiver, the MagPower AMP enables you to charge your heavy-duty FlexSeries iPad Case and your iPad wirelessly. 

MagPower Receiver (Sold Separately) 

The powerhouse behind the MagPower products, our MagPower Receiver is the docking base that allows for instantaneous magnetic charging for your iPad and its Cooling Case. Featuring an industry-standard 30mm x 38mm AMPS hole pattern, virtually any mount on the market can start providing MagPower. To provide the wireless power, the MagPower Receiver takes in power from a USB-C port on the bottom from a 3-amp dashboard charger or wall charger. 

For most users with existing mounts, providing MagPower is as simple as bolting on the Receiver and plugging in a charger with a USB-C cord. 

Military-grade electric connections and precision machining provide over 40lbs of magnetic force to ensure a consistent, reliable charging current. The magnet and key system help self-locate while mounting your iPad in its heavy-duty iPad case.


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