flex grip 9.7/10.5
flex grip cooling case 9.7/10.5

FlexGrip Cooling Case - 9.7/10.5 - BLACK

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The FlexGrip Series of products are currently accepting pre-orders for shipment by mid-December. 

The FlexGrip Command Center is where the magic happens. Based on our experiences with the original X-naut Pilot Series Active Cooling Cases, the FlexGrip Command Center features a temperature-sensing fan array with a new Turbo Mode that automatically engages above 90 degrees F. 

Built-in rechargeable lithium batteries provide over 24 hours of runtime in normal cooling, so your iPad’s battery will not be drained while cooling. In fact, the FlexGrip Command Center can charge your iPad while cooling. We’ve also included a USB-C power outlet that enables pass-thru charging for peripherals. 

The FlexGrip Command Center features a clamp-style mechanism which allows a one-size-fits-all approach for all FlexGrip Skin case sizes. A 30mm x 38mm Accessory Mounting Plate (AMPS) hole pattern means that you can fit the FlexGrip series in with your current standardized mounts.

Available in high-visibility orange or stealth black colors.


  • 4-blade fan system based on our patented Pilot Series iPad Cooling Cases keeps your iPad cool under the harshest heat
  • Automatic temperature-sensing fans both turn on and shut off once the temperature thresholds are met
  • A Turbo Mode kicks in when temperatures exceed 90 degrees to cool your iPad immediately, preventing overheating before it happens
  • 11,600mAH Lithium Batteries don’t lose a charge over time and provide more consistent voltage, ensuring long-term battery service and reliability 
  • The clamp design securely attaches to any size FlexGrip Skin for simple interchangeability and ease of attachment and removal
  • USB-C (in) charging port powers both the FlexGrip Command Center and the iPad
  • A 5V 3A USB-C (out) port allows you to power additional peripherals while on battery power or while charging
  • An AMPS 30mm x 38mm standardized mount gives you the flexibility to use a wide variety of mounts and hand straps, as well as MagPower AMPS Charging
  • The accessory rail enables carry using a neck and shoulder strap for versatility in the field


The FlexGrip Command Center cannot attach to the iPad alone and must be used with a FlexGrip Skin. Attaching to the iPad without the FlexGrip Skin may damage the device.

The Stealth Black colorway is not currently available in pre-configured bundles, as production quantities are limited at this time. All pre-configured bundles will ship with the orange Command Center.

Please note our pre-order policy: By default, your order will not ship until all items are in stock and in one shipment, including the pre-orders. If you’d prefer to get your items as soon as they come available, please reach out to customer support who can work with you.