Level 1 Private Pilot Student Rebate Program

Flight Safety First - Prevent iPad Overheating

x-naut ipad air

Active Cooling Mount iPad Air/Pro 9.7"
Retail Price:

x-naut ipad mini

Active Cooling Mount iPad Mini
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As a Level 1 Private Pilot Student receive up to $35 Rebate Check from X-naut on the purchase of an Active Cooling Mount for iPad Air or Mini.  We will also send your Flight Instructor a $10 Amazon Gift Card.

All rebates will be paid between the difference of the full retail price and any promotional price paid based on receipt information. Allow 4-6 weeks for processing.

Student rebate program offered only on Active Cooling Cases purchased from xnaut.com

Follow the steps below to take advantage of the X-naut Level 1 Private Pilot Student Rebate Program:

Step 1
Email info@xnaut.com
Step 2
Include in the subject line:
Student Pilot Rebate Program
Step 3
Include in the body of the email:
Your Name
Your Mailing Address
Attach images of the receipt of purchase of the Active Cooling Mount
Instructor's Name
Instructor's Phone Number (for verification)
Instructor's Email for $10 Amazon Gift Card Link