9.7" Flexgrip Cooling Case + ToughMount Double Ball

9.7 Flexgrip Cooling Case + Toughmount Double Ball

This kit offers the intelligent cooling and charging features of the Command Center, while enabling a robust grip on the iPad with the ToughMount Double Ball. MagPower is not part of this kit, as it's best to run a power cord directly to the Command Center when it doesn't need to leave the vehicle

Flexgrip Cooling Case

The FlexGrip Cooling Case is where the magic happens. Based on our experiences with the original X-naut Pilot Series Active Cooling Cases, the FlexGrip Command Center features a temperature-sensing fan array with a new Turbo Mode that automatically engages above 90 degrees F

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Flexgrip Skin

The FlexGrip system starts with the skin, which is a case designed to protect the iPad from drops and shocks while ensuring that it doesn’t interfere with getting airflow to the iPad from the cooling case. Made from UV and chemical-resistant Elastomer, this case is as durable as it is integral to the FlexGrip system

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Toughmount Double Ball

The X-naut ToughMount Series brings heavy-duty, industry-standard mounting solutions that are commercial fleet-ready for applications like public safety, construction, and utilities

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USB-C to Lightning Cable

Use this cord to run power from the Flexgrip Cooling Case (USB-C) to the iPad directly (Lightning port) to enable charging.

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