The Active Cooling Mount was created for iPad™ users in extreme conditions + Monitor Hood + X-naut Drone Controller Bracket 
Works with iPad Air™ Versions 1 | 2 | Pro 9.7" and NEW iPad 9.7"
Active Cooling Mount iPad Air/Pro 9.7
    • Switch between using Micro USB or power by the battery (8AA Air Version).
    • Battery test button shows the status of the batteries. Green indicates high battery life, yellow indicates low battery life and red indicates battery replacement. 
    • Spring loaded latch makes loading your iPad easy and secure.
    • Low noise fans (26 DBA)
    • Weight: 9.7 oz 
    • Dimensions: 9.17in x 7in x 1.5in
    • Kneeboard accessory mounts Active Cooling Mount to your leg. 
    • Electronics are dust and moisture resistant. 

    Drone Aviator Hood Kit (HAV2 + HAV2E)

    The HAV2 aviator hood for drone pilots mounts to your iPad Air™ Versions 1 | 2 | Pro 9.7" for improved outdoor viewing. The bottom panel of the aviator hood has a unique pierceable feature to aid in touchscreen access. Two adjustable mounting straps make hood mounting quick and easy. A horizontal safety strap prevents iPad from falling forward out of its mount. Hood mount measurements: 9” W x 6.25” H x 6.25” D. Hood mounts on the front of iPad iPad Air™ Versions 1 | 2 | Pro 9.7".
    The HAV2E is an extender hood that mounts over the HAV2 hood for times when drone videographers/ photographers require a longer viewfinder hood for optimum glare-free outdoor iPad Air™ Versions 1 | 2 | Pro 9.7" viewing. Overall distance from iPad Air 2 with extender 13”.

    X-naut Drone Controller Bracket 

    • Rugged Metal Bracket- Powder Coated
    • Landscape Placement Only
    • Metal Bracket Can be Used as a Handheld Fixture


    • Active Cooling Mount iPad Air/Pro 9.7*
    • Kneeboard accessory
    • X-naut Drone Controller Bracket
    • Drone Aviator Hood Kit (HAV2 + HAV2E)
     *iPad™, AA batteries, and micro USB cord are not included


    • Active Cooling Mount 
      • iPad Air™ Versions 1 | 2 |
      • iPad Pro 9.7"
      • NEW iPad 9.7"
      • Compatible with RAM Mounts
      • Compatible with MYGOFLIGHT© mounts when used with our MYGOFLIGHT© Amp Adapter and MYGOFLIGHT Puck Adapter (You must purchase both of these adapters for this to work with your MYGOFLIGHT Mount.)
    • X-naut Drone Controller Bracket 

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