X-naut Announces Partnership with MGF (formerly MYGOFLIGHT) to Create the Sport X-naut Adapter

Now X-naut’s Active Cooling Mount for iPad customers can choose from a full range of MGF Sport Mounts with the Sport X-naut Adapter from MGF. The partnership with MGF and the development of the Sport X-naut Adaptor is key for X-naut’s continued growth in the aviation market as well as expansion into new markets. With MGF’s diversified portfolio of mounting options from aviation to trucking, customers have an expansive selection to fit their life style and business needs. MGF has used their years of experience, proprietary technology, and the highest quality materials to develop the strongest and most versatile mounting solution on the market.

The Sport X-naut Adapter from MGF: $39.99


Active Cooling Mount for iPad Mini: $179.99

Active Cooling Mount for iPad Air/Pro 9.7”:  $199.99

The Active Cooling Mount for iPads was developed from a real-world situation that Darren Saravis CEO of X-naut  and also a pilot, experienced when his iPad overheated and shut off during a mission critical situation while flying. This extreme situation lead Darren to launch X-naut and developed the Active Cooling Mount for iPads. The technology was engineered by conducting extensive thermal imaging tests to identify the main areas of the iPad that run the hottest. Using this data an injected molded vented case and built-in cooling fans that direct airflow over the back of the iPad was developed. 

The Active Cooling Mount for iPads combined with a MGF Sport mount solution provides customers the peace of mind that their iPad will keep running and stay secure and steady while in use.